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An athletic contest combining cross country skiing and rifle shooting.


4591 Sports Development & the Blue Hills Sportsman's Club are collaborating to create a Biathlon Range & Trail system on their 160 acres located just south of Rice Lake. If you or a child of yours is interested in learning more about local opportunities in Biathlon please email us- EMAIL

Disciplines of Biathlon

Length of Race Shooting Penalty


Sprint 7.5k/10k 1 Prone/1 Stand 150m  Loop


Pursuit 10K/12.5K 2 Prone/2 Stand 150m Loop


Mass 12.5K/15K 2 Prone/2 Stand 150m Loop


Individual 15K/20K 1 Prone/1 Stand 1 Minute Time Penalty

1 Prone/1 Stand

Relay/ 4x6K/4x7.5K 1 Prone/1 Stand    3 Extra Bullets per shooting/150M Loop Mixed Relay 2x6K/2x7.5K 1 Prone/1 Stand    3 Extra Bullets per shooting/150M Loop

Single Mixed 6K/7.5K Twice 1 Prone/1 Stand    3 Extra Bullets per shooting/75M Loop




5 targets per shooting stage

50 Meters down range

Prone Shooting Target Size 45mm (1.8”)   Standing Shooting Size 115mm(4.5”)



Military Patrol was debuted at the 1924 Winter Olympics in Chamonix.  

Biathlon was made an an official Winter Olympic Sport in 1960 in Squaw Valley for men and 1992 in Albertville for women.

Biathlon is the second largest viewed sport in Europe, after football(soccer).


US Biathlon Athletes from Around Here

Deedra Irwin - Pulaski, WI (Assistant Coach at U16/U18 Camp)

Leif Nordgren - Marine, MN

Paul Schommer - Appleton, WI

Jake Brown - Houghton, MI


Image that you have just skate skied 3K, now you ski into the range. You settle down your breathing and racing heart.  You take off your poles, open your sites, get on the mat, pull the rifle off your back, lay down on the mat and hook into the arm cuff .   You look through your sites and shoot down the first target. Repeat 4 more times. All in 20 to 25 seconds.

If you are interested in Biathlon Programming options please contact us at

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