As with most plans this year, my travel and racing plans to tackle the trail and mountain running scene internationally turned around pretty quickly in March, and I found myself back in Anchorage, working at a local nonprofit, teaching at APU, and training as I have for the past several summers. Fortunately for me, my results on the World Cup last season qualified me for start rights at the first three World Cups of the 2020-21 season in Ruka, Finland, Lillehammer, Norway and Davos, Switzerland. In a year that has challenged everyone’s perseverance, patience and focus, I found focusing on training and recovery to be a positive coping mechanism this summer and fall, and I am excited to be more prepared than ever for a strong ski season of results. Unfortunately for most American ski racers this year, the domestic season and US Nationals have been canceled, so the only choices for racing are the World Cup, regional racing in Alaska, and potentially a few marathons later in 2021 (fingers crossed the Birkie can safely happen!). With this knowledge, I accepted the start rights for the World Cup to give myself the opportunity to test my summer and fall fitness and have a racing season with strong international competition. 

Athlete Support- Rosie Frankowski