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As most of you know I have decided to pursue biathlon for the next chapter in my athletic career.  I will be coming back to biathlon with a goal of making the US National Team and Racing on the World Cup Circuit in two years. 

I will live in Craftsbury, Vermont as a member of the Concept 2 Green Racing Project Team. I'm thankful to be supported by the Green Racing Project with better support than I have ever experienced in my athletic career. 

Understandably the GRP doesn't cover all of my expenses. Airfare, some travel expenses, and some equipment expenses are up to me to pay.  If you are excited to see me get back into biathlon. Please consider making a donation to offset my costs.

If you are wondering why I chose to do biathlon, not nordic combined please contact my directly, I'm happy to discus this with you. 

My goals are for the first few years are:


Qualify for the IBU cup 


World Cup and World Championships 


World Cup points ( top 40) 



Perhaps you are wondering why Olympics isn't currently on this goals list? While I do admit there is a 5% chance I will qualify for the Olympics in biathlon this year. I don't feel it is a realistic goal, yet. I base my goals on ski speed numbers and shooting percentages. 

Athlete Support- Tara Geraghty-Moats

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