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2021-22 Nordic Season

Planning for the 21-22 Season is underway.

First some updates:

4591 Sports Development would like to say a tremendous Thank You to Coach Kris Hanson. Over the past 5 yrs Coach Kris has been instrumental in getting the Club and all 5 Nordic Programs & Trail Kids off the ground. The time and efforts put into programming, planning, coaching etc. have been amazing. We wish you all the Best in your future coaching endeavors. Also we wish you all the best in your recovery from you hamstring re-attachment surgery.

Thanks Again!

Devo, Blue & Green Teams

(Middle School & High School Programs)


As planning starts for the 2021-22 Season we are searching for a New Head Coach for these 3 teams. If you know interested folks in the Nordic Community here is the Position Description

Flurries (5-9yr) & Snow Squad (9-13yr) Programs will be moving forward and have coaching staff. Updates & registration will be out Late October or November

Please email to get the full details for the 2021/22 Season.  Please list each athlete’s first name, age and school to get the appropriate Team information. 

Information may be changing through the end of November, so updated information would be sent out as major plans would be evolving.


Please stay healthy and safe!