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2020-21 Nordic Season

As we work through the current situation of COVID 19, planning for the upcoming season is underway.  We know we will have a modified season.  We may not have a normal race season but we can still have a GREAT ski season based on the nature of our sport.  Each family needs to decide what is best from their own family and situation.  The main Coaching Staff is willing to volunteer time for the Teams as long as there is commitment and communication from families within reasonable circumstances. Plans are being made for the best case scenario while considering all factors including but not limited to health, safety, school, other school sports and family situations.

Please email to get the full details for the 2020/2021 Season.  Please list each athlete’s first name, age and school to get the appropriate Team information. 

Information may be changing through the end of November, so updated information would be sent out as major plans would be evolving.

If you were a former Team Member of 4591SD Nordic on Green, Blue, Devo, Snow Squad or Snow Flurries and know you will NOT be participating in 2020/2021, please email with athlete(s) Name and Team to get them removed for the season.  Your communication is greatly appreciated!!


Please stay healthy and safe!



 Kristin Hanson at or

715.222.6703 with any questions.